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Name Registration: Protect Your Business

If you own a business or are in the consumer industry at all, you know the importance of names and business name registration. Names sell, whether that makes sense or not. The names of businesses or products have certain connotations and associations that either make consumers attracted to the business/product or repelled. Sometimes names will work both ways, attracting the desired consumer group and ignoring the interests of others. In the selling business, names can say a great deal about what the company or product focuses on and what its intentions are. Therefore, when you create a great name for your company or business, you want to ensure that it is your name only and refers to no one else. Business name registration helps guarantee that this is the case.

Business Name Registration: The Legal Requirements

In most cases, business name registration is not as difficult as it seems. As long as you do a little research to ensure that the name has not already been used or created, you can easily have the singular rights to the business name of your choice. One easy way to take care of the business name registration process is online with the Business Name Registration System. Its goal is to maintain a complete online registry of all the registered, legitimate business names.

In addition to the assistance it offers with business name registration, it also features a business name search, a link for new applicants, help with renewals of existing registered business names, name cancellations for closing businesses, and certification requests for legal documents.

When you register a business name, it means that you are the sole owner and responsible for all aspects of that business. It grants you the right of business organization but also makes you personally responsible for all the debts the business may accrue. It is important to check with the area you are in about any specific details regarding business name registration. In some cases, if you initially register the name in one state and then expand into other states, you will need to register your name in that state, as well.

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