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Business Vocabulary, a.k.a Jargon

Every profession has its own business jargon that can be very confusing to outsiders or newcomers. However, business jargon is not meant to alienate or perplex; it is merely a result of the extensive specialization that occurs when people become experts at what they do. Most people in different professions know that there are aspects of their job that are often not casually discussed in general conversation. As a result, there is a complete vocabulary that is used only within the profession, referring to very specific elements or aspects of the job that are either not relevant or not interesting to the rest of society.

Learning Business Jargon

For people who are new to a profession, the business jargon can seem quite confusing or overwhelming. Although you may have learned many words relevant to your profession while in school, the reality is that the more familiar you become with your job, the more you will realize how much you did not learn in school. However, the situation is not hopeless. If you hope and aspire to become a respected professional, learn to leave your insecurities and pride behind and ask when you are confused. It is far better to take one minute to ask someone what something means and risk looking clueless for one moment of one day than to go for weeks and weeks not understanding and risk making a key mistake as a result.

If you are someone who likes to be well prepared in advance, or an outsider who wants to understand the vocabulary of a certain profession for some reason, there are also books and dictionaries that describe and define many business jargons. The Internet is a great resource because it is extremely easy to look up certain words, either in online dictionaries or general search engines, and find meanings, explanations, and examples. If you are willing to put in a little effort, you will soon be able to converse and use business jargon with ease.

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